When is a football jersey more than just a football jersey? 
When it’s a genuine limited-edition work of art. 
Umbro joins forces with art and football magazine OOF , to create just that!
OOF x UMBRO asked two of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists - Juno Calypso & Rhys Coren to work with the design teams to create unique pieces of art. But instead of working with canvas, photography or sculpture, they’re using our football jerseys as their medium.
Calypso themes, emblazoned with the name of an imagined brothel, and set against a heady wall of wavy pink stripes. It’s confrontational, sinister and undeniably Juno Calypso.

Coren’s shirt for the OOF x UMBRO collaboration is made of stark, geometric shapes and bursting with blue, yellow, and red. It’s floral, primary colour modernism makes for one of the most sunshine-friendly football shirts you’ll ever see.
Both are a genuine limited-edition work of art. Strictly limited to 300 pieces, each shirt comes with a signed, numbered certificate of authenticity.

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