Umbro have unveiled a retro shirt for Shrewsbury Town that takes you straight back to the glorious 70's with a like-for-like 1977/78 season shirt.
This revival is a very special one. You might be reading this and probably wondering even where Shrewsbury is? Well, its north west of Birmingham and a stones throw away from the northern borders of Wales. Google their FA Cup run in '78 and you'll be dealt a thriller of a run of games on YouTube.
The retro shirt game has been seized upon by brands, but usually it's the larger, well – global teams that get the retro shirt treatment. But Umbro have decided to shine a light on the lower league clubs. And this time it's Shrewsbury's turn to get the vintage treatment. The double diamond repeat down each sleeves, that classic 70's collar style... so good you think you went back in time.

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