Carling have a long and storied history with football.

In 1993, the beer became the first sponsor of the newly formed Premier League forming a partnership that stood as one of the most defining tandems of the 90s. As a shirt sponsor, Carling teamed up with a range of teams including a memorable spell for both Old Firm clubs in the 00s.

Now in 2021, the brewery are back in football, teaming up with the gang at Umbro for a limited edition shirt with a twist. In a move which Willy Wonka would be proud of, the wonderfully retro design is only available if you’re able to snag a golden can of Carling in promotional 10 or 18 packs.
The pattern on this Carling x Umbro shirt is delightful, evoking many great aesthetics of the 90s. Those who are eagle-eyed will notice the subtle pattern is composed of variations on the Carling logo; a smart touch given how well the look fits with Umbro.

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