UMBRO PROJECTS returns this summer with its boldest statement to date. It delivers a driven message - it continues to differentiate itself from other lines under the Umbro umbrella without losing the brands tenacity and sheer damned cheek in the process.
 With a world of uncertainty our vision, like our times moves forward. Away from nostalgic influences to create product with purpose. It’s meant to be worn - conditons be damned. A focus of the contemporary urban environment - the exploration and demands of the everyday in our lives, whilst looking good at the same time.
Premium Technical Fabrications are used to create longevity in the product. To make the wearer feel comfortable and acclimatised in an array of different environments. With adaptable features in our Morph lines to allow more creative ways to wear the same product. The Morph Pant allows a wearer to change the fit of the pant from tapered to a wide leg and more for maximum flexibility. Our Zip off sleeves allow our sweats to change from short to long sleeve for maximum comfort in summer environments.

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